16.04.2020 : Priority question for written answer to the Commission Rule 138 Jorge Buxadé Villalba (ECR) "The social networking boom has brought with it new challenges. Any measures adopted to avoid disinformation in social media should not affect freedom of expression in what is nowadays one of the principal means of communication.

The methods of supposedly controlling the dissemination of fake news used by social networks are clearly being exploited to attack the freedom of expression of people who think differently.

To this end, Facebook uses fact checkers which belong to the International Fact-Checking Network financed by George Soros, Google and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, amongst others. In Spain, the principal fact checkers are Newtral and

These fact checkers, with direct links to the left-wing media and journalists, dedicate themselves to censoring opinions and news for ideological reasons, without the intervention of a judge.

In the current coronavirus crisis, it is almost impossible to contradict the official data of a left-wing government for fear of being censored by these fact checkers.

1. Does the Commission plan to protect freedom of expression in its action plan against disinformation?

2. What concrete action does it intend to take?

3. Does the Commission allow private censorship without judicial intervention?


Parliamentary questions PDF 35k WORD 16k 29 June 2020 P-002312/2020 Answer given by Mr Breton on behalf of the European Commission Question reference: P-002312/2020

"The EU Action Plan on Disinformation states that freedom of expression is a core value of the European Union enshrined in the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights and in the constitutions of Member States. All measures set out in the action plan aim at protecting the Union’s democratic systems and combat disinformation in full respect of freedom of expression.

One of the measures set out in the action plan is the creation of a multidisciplinary community, including independent fact-checkers and academic researchers, which play a key role in furthering the understanding of the structures that sustain disinformation and the mechanisms that shape how it is disseminated online.

To this end, the Commission is deploying the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO), which will offer analytical tools and cross-border data collection, including Union-wide open data and online platforms usage data, to support detection and analysis of disinformation sources and dissemination patterns. EDMO will be independent from any public authority including the Commission and governed by a board of experts selected by EDMO stakeholders.

Within the framework of the Code of Practice on disinformation, the Commission is monitoring the measures taken so far by the Code’s signatories to limit the spread and impact of disinformation related to COVID-19.

In accordance with their community standards, platforms are taking actions to ensure citizens’ access to authoritative information sources, including the World Health Organisation (WHO), public health authorities and professional media, while removing content that could lead to physical harm or undermine public order. Such actions are without prejudice to the ability of users to resort to the protections afforded by national laws.

On 10 June 2020, the Commission adopted a communication(1) that deals specifically with the issue of disinformation in the context of the COVID-19 crisis."

Zo, dat weten we dus ook alweer.

Er wordt niet ontkend dat Facebook gebruik maakt van fact- checkers die behoren tot "the International Fact-Checking Network" dat gefinancierd wordt door o.a. Georges Soros, Google en Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation.

Volgens het EU Parlement is de vrijheid van meningsuiting in alle lidstaten gewaarborgd. Het bestrijden van de desinformatie gebeurt met vol respect voor de vrijheid van meningsuiting.

Is dat wel zo ? Bepaalde personen die constant desinformatie verspreiden in MSM worden niet bestreden en vormen ook nooit het voorwerp van een fact-check. Personen die de waarheid verkondigen, worden daarentegen wel de mond gesnoerd met valse fact-checks en censuur in extreme vorm. Van enige objectiviteit is al lang geen sprake meer.

Hoe dat komt ? Follow the money....


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